Non-Surgical Nose Job, are you being told the full story?

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Over the past ten years we have seen the introduction of many new and exciting ways of improving looks without having to subject ourselves to the surgeon’s scalpel. Clinics have popped up offering to fill wrinkles with new injections, smooth frown lines with muscle relaxing toxins, enhance lips with just a few shots of Restylane and, more recently, perform the feat of the so-called ‘non-surgical nose job’.

So what exactly is the non-surgical nose job?

The non-surgical nose job is a technique where dermal fillers are injected into the nose to fill out and/or smooth certain contours. For example, if the profile of your nose appears undulated, filler may be injected above and below the area which may smooth the appearance of the nose. Alternatively, if the tip of the nose sags and lacks projection, a small amount of filler may lift the tip into a more attractive position.

Are patients considering the non-surgical treatment being told the full story?

Criteria for non-surgical rhinoplasty are fairly specific, and it is unlikely the procedure will be beneficial for the majority of people wishing to undertake such surgery. It is improbable that the results will be as dramatic as they would be from a conventional rhinoplasty and, should the patient ever decide to have full surgery, the previous dermal filler injections may leave fibrous tissue behind that could impede the surgeon’s ability to deliver long term results. There is also the possibility of the other complications related to dermal fillers including allergic reaction, infection, granulomas and in rare cases skin necrosis.

Does this mean the non-surgical nose job is a bad idea?

No, not always – it just has very specific applications, and patients should be absolutely clear that the procedure is the right course for them. If you feel that a doctor or nurse is trying to ‘sell’ the procedure to you without explaining the possible long term implications then you should, as always, walk away.

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