Liposuction For Muffin Tops

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A new cosmetic surgery procedure could banish ‘muffin tops’ forever. Muffin tops, named after the shape of the cake-like product, is the colloquial term for the rolls of fat that sit over the tops of women’s jeans and skirts. Unsightly muffin tops are more prevalent than ever thanks to low cut jeans and the fashion for wearing tight-clothing.

Cosmetic surgeon Patrick Mallucci believes he has come up with a cosmetic surgery procedure that will put an end to these unsightly rolls of fat. Dubbed ‘superficial liposuction’, his cosmetic surgery removes stubborn fat which is resistant to diet and exercise.

Liposuction normally removes deep fat via small skin incisions. However Mallucci’s new liposuction operation only removes fat from the superficial layer, and this helps reduce trauma and bruising. The surgery focuses on fat which is stored in the higher areas of the skin where the dermis meets the subcutaneous fat. By removing some of this fat, the operation may help the patient left with tighter-looking skin.

This ‘superficial liposuction’ is not just for muffin tops – it can be used on most areas of the body and is particularly useful where contouring is required.


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