Laser Lipolysis – Safer Liposuction?

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Laser lipolysis (commonly known as laser lipo) is a form of liposuction which uses local anaesthetic and lasers. Without the risk of full general anaesthetic or massive open wounds, the procedure is said to be a lot safer than the traditional liposuction methods.

Advanced laser lipolysis is not made for obese people – rather, it is a way of getting rid of stubborn fat that diet and exercise won’t shift: Think saddle bags, muffin tops and bingo wings.

The procedure involves firstly being given local anaesthetic injections around the areas where fat will be removed. Tiny incisions are then made and a mix of saline, anaesthetic and adrenaline is injected – the adrenaline is there to help close off local blood vessels to minimise bleeding. When the area is suitably numb, the laser is then used to start liquefying the fat which is then sucked out.

In the first instance, little or no weight will have been lost despite the fat removal because it has been replaced with the saline solution.

The areas that have been worked on will be bandaged up with surgical dressings and after an hour or so waiting, the patient can usually go home.

Antibiotics and painkillers will usually be prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon and patients are warned to expect some ‘seepage’ from their wounds. There will also be a fair amount of bruising around the incision areas.

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  1. lo

    21st April 2014 at 10:41 AM

    Laser Lipo in my opinion the only thing it will affect is to your pocket.

    Had it in two places and lost over £2000. Left in a worse condition than before.

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