Eyebrow Surgery: Saving Overplucked Eyebrows

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eyebrow transplant surgeryEyebrows frame a face and most women know that by taming their unruly brows and shaping their eyebrows, it can make a massive difference to their face. However it’s easy to go too far and overpluck, leaving hardly any eyebrow definition whatsoever.

Eyebrows take a long time to grow back however help is at hand thanks to eyebrow transplants.

Eyebrows transplants are not a new cosmetic surgery idea – however hair transplant surgery has gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years. Previously, it had always been difficult to fully replicate the natural angle and growth of eyebrows and lashes – many surgeries involved taking small plugs of hair and transplanting them to a new spot. Any woman brave enough to try eyebrow transplants was often left with slightly fake looking eyebrows.

However new techniques implant a single hair follicle at a time allowing cosmetic surgeons to fully control the exact angle of the hair and this leads to a far more natural looking eyebrow solution.

The latest techniques tend to involve removing a very fine strip of skin from the scalp where the hair is at it’s softest. Individual hairs are then removed from this strip of skin and transplanted into the desired position.

The results are not immediate and can take a couple of months before the hair grows through the skin, and another couple before the eyebrows are properly defined again. The new eyebrow hair may also need to be trimmed on a regular basis as it will tend to grow as long as the hair on your head, rather than being the shorter hairs normally associated with eyebrows.

The same sort of procedure can also be carried out on the eyelashes to replace lost eyelashes however this procedure tends to be slightly more expensive as it is more complicated and the eyelid is naturally more delicate.

Semi-permanent make-up is a good compromise between fully surgery and make-up. The current fashion is to use ground up mineral pigments for subtle, realistic tones – full on tattoos can sometimes be a little too harsh. Good brow-artists will be able to draw in your eyebrow, hair by hair using tiny needles to avoid block lines and to ensure that you end up with a natural look. According to some, this procedure is not much more painful than threading or plucking. The downside with this particular form of semi-permanent make-up is that it will need topping up every one to two years as the colour will fade over time.


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