Cure for baldness in 5 years?

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For men suffering from baldness, a cure could be on the market in the next five years according to some scientists who have identifed a scalp chemical that stops hair from growing.

Scientists have said that they have already developed drugs that blocks the protein that stops the hair from growing meaning that products to help with baldness could be on the market within just five years. The lotions could help stop ay more hair loss and may possibly even be able to stimulate hair growth again.

At the moment, bald men do not have a lot of options open to them if they want a full head of hair – the only real options are comb-over, toupee or wig, or a hair transplant. The last option is expensive, painful and not always fully successful.

Now, scientists have discovered that a protein called PDG2 could be responsible for hair loss. Looking at the scalps of balding men, scientists discovered that levels of PDG2 were three times higher in areas where hair was thinning than in other areas. They tested the protein on lab mice and found that the compound stunted their hair growth. It is currently thought that PGD2 prevents the cells from maturing properly. Scientists are now looking at hair loss treatments in the form of topical lotions and pills to help stop hair loss, with the hope that some hair may even regrow.

Dr Cotsarelis, one of the scientists working on the research, has also revealed that he hopes that the research will have wider implications beyond male pattern baldness as the hair loss process shares some chemistry with skin cancer and wound healing.


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