Natural Breast Implants From Your Own Fat

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A new cosmetic surgery technique could see unwanted fat from other areas of a patient’s body being used to form natural breast implants.

Dubbed the ‘two-in-one’ operation, cosmetic surgeons first remove fat from unwanted areas such as the thighs, stomach and hips and transplant this fat into the breast area to enhance and enlarge the breasts.

The cosmetic surgery will be available in the UK for the first time early next year thanks to cosmetic surgery company the Harley Medical Group.

Fat grafting is not a new technique however it hasn’t been widely available for cosmetic surgery patients. Over the past few years, various studies have looked at the results of both UK and US patients to determine whether the results of such fat grafting operations are long-term of not. The results so far have been encouraging and thus it is hoped that the technique will become more widespread soon.

With many people still worried over the safety of breast implants, it is expected that the fat grafting cosmetic surgery operation will be extremely popular and will soon become one of the most requested forms of breast enlargement.

Initial results show that patients are able to increase the size of their breasts by up to three cup sizes in just one operation, whilst also having some of their unwanted fat removed.


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