Larger breasts without surgery?

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Until recently, women who wanted larger breasts had to undergo cosmetic surgery and implants. However, thanks to a new filler called the Macrolane filler, larger breasts are just an injection away.

Macrolane can also help those who are thinking about going under the knife in order to get bigger breasts, but are unsure about their decision and would like to ‘see’ the results before they go ahead with the operation. Macrolane is only temporary therefore the results fade over time.

The injection itself contains hyaluronic acid and is a thick, dense fluid. After a local anaesthetic has been applied, a thick needle is inserted deep into the breast tissue and the filler injected. The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes with immediately noticeable results – the chest area should appear fuller and patients can expect to increase their breasts by about one cup size.

There may be some swelling and bruising present after the injections, and the breasts may feel tender for a few days after the cosmetic treatment. The injections last for around a year to 18 months therefore will need to be topped up. Currently, it costs around $2,000 per session.


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  1. Jane

    23rd October 2012 at 1:20 PM

    This treatment is also available in the uk, from the Macrolane website you can see who the practitioners are. Surgicare are one of the only companies in the uk who are currently liscenced to perform this treatment.

    Macrolane can also be used to shape other areas of the body such as buttocks.

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