An overview of Breast Enlargements

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The scientific name for breast enlargement surgery is ‘augmentation mammaplasty’.

Procedure: Enhances the size of breasts using inflatable implants 
Length: 1 to 2 hours. 
Anesthesia: General or local with sedation
In/Outpatient: Usually outpatient. 
Side Effects: Temporary soreness, swelling, change in nipple sensation, bruising. Breasts may be sensitive to stimulation for a few weeks after surgery 
Risks: Implants may need to be replaced/removed to treat problems such as deflation, formation of scar tissue around the implant, bleeding or infection. Nipples and breast skin sensitivity may increase or decrease in sensitivity, permanently. Some women have reported symptoms similar to those of immune disorders. Ask your doctor about these and other FDA concerns. 
Recovery: 3 to 7 days: Back to work
                3 to 4 weeks: Physical contact with breasts
                2 months +: Scars start to fade
Duration of Results: Variable. Implants may require removal or replacement. 


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