The Beginning of the Botox Backlash?

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BotoxBotox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market. But has the Botox backlash begun?

Despite it’s popularity, celebrity Botox regulars are starting to turn their backs on the face freezing injections.

First, Lulu and Amanda Holden announced that they were no longer going to have Botox injections. Then, Dannii Minogue followed suit after some X-Factor viewers commented that in last year’s series, her face was almost immovable and expressionless.

With almost 55,000 women in the UK alone having Botox for cosmetic reasons each year, has Botox reached it’s popularity peak?

Some women find that they have unwanted side effects after their Botox injections such as severe headaches. However cosmetic surgeons are keen to point out that side effects are most often problematic because of poor practice and less-than-reputable clinics.

Botox also tends to leave the patient with a slightly startled look – a tell-tale sign that Botox has been administered. With injections needing to be topped up around four times a year, the current economic climate will also be making some women question whether their regular Botox injections are actually a good use of money or not.

Despite the public revelation that some celebrities are turning their backs on the wrinkle-busting injections, plenty of other celebrities are still rumoured to be having their regular Botox fix. With any cosmetic procedure, there are bound to be a few people who experience problems and here at Cossup, we believe that Botox is firmly here to stay for the next few years at least.

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