Botox Injections: An alternative to a breast lift?

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SyringeAs they get older or having had children, many women want to perk up their breasts and reduce sagging however they aren’t prepared to go under the knife. Thankfully, Botox appears to be the answer.

There is much pressure on women to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible after birth. One of the biggest complaints is a saggy chest area. As women get older, the chest area is one of the giveaways to a woman’s age as the area starts to sag, particularly in sun-worshippers, and wrinkles start to appear.

Botox has many uses however it is most commonly associated with helping to make the face look younger by reducing the look of lines and wrinkles. This technique is now being extended to other areas of the body to help them stay looking youthful for longer.

The ‘Breastox’, as it has been termed, is not cheap at around £1,000 per session however the injections are great for a boost of confidence, particularly in new Mums – although the treatment is not recommended for anyone who has given birth in the last three months.

The Breastox procedure involves an anaesthetic cream being rubbed into the chest area. Around a dozen injections of Botox are made into the pectoralis minor chest muscle. This muscle is then ‘frozen’, leading other muscles to compensate and strengthen thus casuing the bust to lift. This lifting effect ensures that wrinkles are smoothened out and the area perks up.

The best candidates for this Breastox procedure are women in the 20s and 30s with A or B cup breasts. It will take about a fortnight before the full effects of the injections are seen, and the results will last around three or four months before more injections are required.

At around £1,000 per session, Breastox Botox injections are not cheap – and the total costs may end up being £4,000 a year. If a patient likes the results from this cosmetic procedure, it is worth looking into having a full breast lift operation because although the initial outlay is more, in the long-run a breast lift may be the cheaper option.


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