Preparing for Surgery

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Having cosmetic surgery is a big step. Help yourself to a fast recovery by following these ten tips for a stress-free recover period.

1. Make arrangements for someone to be on hand to care for you for the first 48 hours after surgery. This is important so that someone can monitor your health and well-being, and they can also help to bring you food and plump up your pillows!

2. Prepare for the boredom – buy or borrow lots of books, magazines and DVDs before surgery for reading whilst you are recovering.

3. Prepare and freeze food well in advance – Before surgery, make plenty of single portions of food that can easily be reheated as full meals. Prepare clear liquids, soft foods (broth, yogurt, jello), bland foods (crackers, toast), protein (fish, chicken, soy), frozen peas or raspberries for cold packs, straws or sipping cups, mouthwash, and Tylenol. Make sure you eat plenty of protein to aid healing and low-sodium foods to reduce swelling.

4. Prepare your rest area with a telephone with a speaker phone near your bed in case of emergency. Make sure that you have the numbers for your surgeon within eacy reach of your bed.

5. Buy supplies of moisturisers, scar-minimizing creams such as Mederma, and petroleum jelly (for the incisions) to aid your recovery. Benadryl and oatmeal soap will also help post-op itching.

6. Prepare loose clothing – it will be easy to get on and off after the operation, and when you are at home, they will be more comfotable than tight fitting clothes.

7. Consider scheduling appointments to have lymphatic drainage massage to help reduce post-op swelling. Consult your surgeon before going ahead with this.

8. Consider buying appliances such as a hand-help shower head and a shower-chair to help bathing whilst you are recovering.

9. Have plenty of water nearby. If you are dehydrated, your recovery time will increase. If you are not a fan of plain water, buy plenty of squash before your surgery.

10. Buy sunblock to protect your skin.
You skin will probably be more fragile for a few months after surgery and sunblock can help to protect it. Try and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


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