How to select a good Cosmetic Surgeon

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Cosmetic surgery is life changing. By choosing a good surgeon and surgery, you can ensure that this change is for the better. It is important to choose the right surgeon for you. Below is a list of points you should consider before you go through the all important consultation process.

Credentials: Crosscheck their credentials prior to your consultation. They should be accredited by your country’s National Plastic Surgeon Society. Always have your surgeon done by an accredited surgeon, even if it is more expensive than an un-accreditted surgeon otherwise you cannot be sure that the surgeon possesses the required cosmetic surgery skills.
Expertise: Does the surgeon’s area of expertise match with the surgery that you require?
Technology: Is the surgeon knowledgeable about current issues and techniques in his field? Does he have the latest technology at his disposal?
Cost: Does the cost, including aftercare and medication, meet your budget restraints?
Pictures: Ask the surgeon for several pictures of previous patients with pre- and post-surgery pictures. Would you be happy with his work?
Risks: Is the surgeon forthcoming about the risks and complications? He must not dismiss the risks of surgery and should be willing to discuss at length any complications associated with the operation.
Post-op care: Will your surgeon be actively involved in post-operative care? Is there a good policy for follow-up care?
Gimmicks: Shun away from any sales gimmicks or unrealistic bargains. Do not be forced into surgery by friends if they get a discount for surgery.
Rapport: Do you have a good rapport with the surgeon? To get the best results, the surgeon must fully understand your motivations, reasons and expectations of the surgery. If you are not happy, or you feel you are not ‘clicking’ with the surgeon, look for another surgeon.

Good results depend on the expertise of the surgeon and how well he has understood your needs. Choose a surgery with discretion and you should end up with great results!


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