Herbal Supplements Can Cause Problems in Cosmetic Surgery

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Many people take herbal supplements to help themselves ward of illness and stay in good health however if you are considering cosmetic surgery, you could be putting yourself at risk.

The risk that herbal supplements may cause adverse effects or slow down the healing process on patients who have undergone plastic surgery is not new. Many herb have a pharmacodynamic or pharamacokinetic effect which means they may make the central nervous system unstable or cause excessive bleeding both during and after the surgery. Common herbs which can cause problems include ginseng, gingko bilboa and garlic.

New research by the University Hospitals Case Medical Centre in Washington has backed up previous studies by showing that more than 40 percent of people using herbal supplements before their cosmetic surgery report more side effects and post-op problems that those who haven’t taken supplements.

The problem of herbal supplements and cosmetic surgery is compounded by many patients not disclosing that they are taking the herbs to the plastic surgeons. Some of these are hiding the fact that they are taking the herbs whilst others believe that as no prescription is required, there is no risk and therefore no need to tell their surgeon.

For anyone who is planning to have cosmetic surgery, it is vitally important to tell your surgeon of any drugs – both prescription and non-prescription – that you are taking. It may take several weeks of abstinence from the drug before your cosmetic surgery can take place safely therefore it is important to ask your surgeon about any herbs well in advance of your surgery date.


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