What is the Ribbon Lift (Face Lift)?

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The Ribbon Lift facelift is one of the latest cosmetic surgery trends with stars like Madonna reportedly having had this surgery done.

So what exactly is a ribbon lift? Put quite simply, a rube like device is placed underneath the skin. This tube has lots of tiny hooks on it that attach itself to the muscle and tissue under the skin. When the tube is pulled up, it lifts the entire facial area.

The tube is actually called an ‘Endotine Ribbon’ device, hence why the cosmetic procedure is known as the ‘ribbon lift’. Hooks actually line just the one side of the ribbon and the whole device is made from an absorbable material which dissolves over time so once the ribbon has been ‘lifted’, no more surgery will be required to remove the device. It normally takes between 6 and 12 months for the ribbon to fully dissolve.

It should be noted that although this cosmetic surgery procedure shares similarities with the thread lift, neither the actual operation or the device used is the same.

Ribbon lifts are proving popular because there is little surgery involved hence the recovery time is very low. Also, just two small incisions are usually made so there is little scarring left from the surgery. This cosmetic surgery works best when the ribbon is placed deep to the muscle layer and fat as opposed to on top of the muscle and fat.


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