Toe-shortening Cosmetic Surgery

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Would you consider having cosmetic surgery to make your toes look better in shoes? An increasing number of people are having toe shortening surgery in order to increase the aesthetic appeal of their feet.

Although toe shortening surgery is performed to help people whose toes rub together uncomfortably or who find it difficult to find shoes that fit, many people are now going under the knife to make their feet look prettier.

Toe shortening surgery takes around 15 minutes per toe to perform. It is most commonly performed on the 2nd and 3rd toes, although any toe can be operated on.

Local anaesthetic is usually used and the surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure. A portion of the toe’s small joint is removed and pins or screws are inserted into the foot. Depending on how much bone was removed, some skin on the toe may also need to be removed.

After surgery, the patient will be required to walk with crutches for a week. Special surgical shoes may also need to be worn. After two weeks, any sutures will be removed. During this two week period, it is usually advised to apply ice packs to the feet to help reduce swelling.

After around one and a half months the pins are removed, although screws will remain in the foot.

It will take up to six months for the foot to heal fully. There may be some loss of toe flexibility however it should not affect the patient’s ability to walk or play sports. Driving is normally not permitted until after the pins have been removed from the feet.


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