The Formula for the Perfect Face

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Beauty – everyone has different preferences making it a difficult thing to quantify. However scientists believe that phi, sometimes known as the divine proportion or golden ratio, (a ratio of 1:1.618) is the standard for a beautiful face.

Phi has long been known as a ratio that produces pleasing aesthetic results – artists and architects have long used it in their creative work – therefore it comes as no surprise that we tend to find faces with phi proportions beautiful.

So what exactly does this mean? If you’re looking to measure your own face to see how close your face is to mathematical beauty, here are the formulas you will need – the ratio of phi should apply to:

– the width of the face from cheek to cheek to the length of the face from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin
– the width of the mouth to the width of the cheek
– the width of the nose to the width of the cheek
– the width of the nose to the width of the mouth

For example, if the width of your face from cheek to cheek is 5 inches, you would ideally have the length of your face to be just over 8 inches.


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