Surgery to alter your face shape

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Surgery to alter your face shapePlastic surgery is not skin deep any more. More and more cosmetic surgery procedures are emerging where the underlying structure can be changed to alter the patient’s appearance.

One particular structural cosmetic surgery procedure that is gaining popularity in the Far East is changing square-shaped faces to a more rounded facial shape. This surgery is seen far more in men than women although can be performed on either sex. Typically, the shape of the chins will also be altered too.

The procedure usually takes around 2 or 3 hours to complete. Part of the jaw bone is sawed off and titanium screws and plates are added where needed. Fat can also be removed from the face to create a leaner, more sculpted look.

Following surgery, the patient may find it difficult to open their mouths fully for a few weeks and there is likely to be quite a lot of facial swelling.

Conversely in the USA, men are generally looking for a more square face. This cosmetic procedure usually involves the surgeon putting silicone implants along the angle of the jaw. Implants may also be added to the chin too.


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