Social media and technology driving people to go under the knife?

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Cosmetic Surgery fuelled by social media websites?According to some plastic surgeons, social media websites and new technology are causing some patients to seek out cosmetic surgery.

With the increasing popularity of video calling applications such as Skype and FaceTime, and social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook, some people have discovered they are unhappy with the way they are seen online. Many find that their photos and videos are not to their liking, particularly in the facial area, and are turning to the surgeon’s knife in order to look better.

High definition cameras and devices are also helping fuel cosmetic surgery demands – as devices become ever more sophisticated and allow users to take clearer video, in high definition the more detail there is so the more noticeable any flaws or blemishes. And although photo manipulation software such as Photoshop can help people touch up their photographs, video – whether live or recorded – is another matter.

Facelifts and nose jobs are the most requested from people who are seeking to make their online pictures. Chin augmentations and neck lifts are also popular as they help remove double chins. Liposuction can also help to define the jawline further.


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