Pete Burns Admits To More Cosmetic Surgery

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plastic surgery newsPete Burns has admitted that having botched cosmetic surgery in the past has not put him off having more surgery – in fact, recent photos of him with a swollen face at a fashion show are the results of more plastic surgery.

The Dead of Alive singer is well known for having had lip filler surgery that went drastically wrong. Burns suffered from severe allergic reactions to his fillers which left his lips swollen and blistered. Burns has recently admitted that due to the botched plastic surgery, he thought his face would “fall off” and that he might have to have his lips amputated however this hasn’t put him off having more work done.

“My most recent overhaul was about a month ago,” he told Reveal magazine. “I had a minor facelift and my eyes slanted. I also have regular peels and Botox. It’s something I’ll always do.

“People redecorate their homes every few years and I see this as no different. Changing my face is like buying a new sofa.”

At London Fashion Week in September, Pete sported new facial piercings in his eyebrows, forehead and cheekbones. These piercings have now gone.

“I had piercings all over my face which did look dreadful,” Burns continued. “But I got them done while waiting for my husband Michael to get a tattoo. I was bored.”

Burns also explained the horror he went through with his botched lip fillers.

“My doctor punctured it and the yellow discharge that came out filled two mugs,” Burns explained. “I was put on antibiotics but my whole face began to swell. I was housebound for nine months and I couldn’t move my head – discharge would pour out.

“One [corrective plastic surgeon] told me my lips were so bad they would need amputating – it was terrifying.”

Despite having had multiple plastic surgeries, Burns doesn’t believe that he is a cosmetic surgery addict.

“I don’t feel like I am addicted to surgery,” he continued. “I could leave it alone for long periods of time if I wanted. I’ll wait another couple of years before my next overhaul – my face might fall off!”


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