Men’s cosmetic surgery on the increase

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The current UK cosmetic surgery industry makes around £1.8 million a day. Think it’s mostly women going under the knife? In fact, more and more men are asking for loans to fund cosmetic surgery. A recent estimate showed that approximately 20% of loans taken out to find cosmetic surgery were taken out by men.

Although cosmetic surgery has traditionally been seen as a women’s arena, it is becoming more acceptable and known for men to have plastic surgery. The men’s health industry is increasing in strength, and men feel the same pressures to look good as women do.

Appearance is not the only problem here – personal loans can be problematic and people may have to pay for them for years to come. However with cosmetic surgery still an expensive option, loans are often the only way. Remember that if you are taking out a loan, you should always shop around for the best rate. Even if the loan amount itself does not seem a lot, check how much you will be paying back in total – the amount may shock you!

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