Joan Collins admits to Botox

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Joan Collins once famously declared that sex was better than Botox for staving off the aging process. However the 78 year old actress has admitted that she has tried the anti-wrinkle treatment for the first time recently.

“I had it once in my forehead and it hurt like hell,” she told Glamour magazine.

It appears that the Botox injections have put Collins off having any form of cosmetic surgery in the future.

“you see all these plastic surgery nightmares these days,” she said. “I have girlfriends who’ve had Botox and been left with lumps in their faces. And the lips, don’t even get me started.”

When asked if she was offended by the fact that many assume she has already been under the surgeon’s knife, Collins answered, “No, no. But you know what they say about plastic surgery, don’t you? It’s the plain woman’s revenge!

“And the truth is I’ve always taken very good care of my skin – and always, always worn make-up.

“I don’t know why people are so obsessed with age anyway. I mean 90 is the new 70; 70 is the new 50; and 50 is the new 40. So the whole ‘act-your-age’ thing? Only up to a point.”


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