Injections To Banish Wobbly Chins

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Scientists have created a new treatment which looks set to banish wobbly chins forever.

But now scientists say they have developed the first drug that targets the fat deposits which are so visible.

Researchers at German firm Bayer have created a new treatment called ATX-101. ATX-101 is injected into small areas of fat using between 40 and 70 mini injections which help dissolve small volumes of fat cells. The procedure is aimed at reducing the fat under the chin and early tests are promising.

Previously, one of the only ways to get rid of the fat under the chin would be through an invasive procedure such as liposuction. However the ATX-101 treatment is minimally invasive – no anaesthetic is needed and the feeling is akin to getting a tattoo. Patients are expected to see a noticeable result after about 16 weeks.

720 people in 64 centres across Europe are currently enrolled in a trial program. If all goes to plan Bayer are planning on launching the ATX-101 treatment in 2014.


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