Indian Cosmetic Surgery Market Stronger Than Ever

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With some plastic surgery clinics starting to feel the pinch, it has been predicted that Indian cosmetic surgery clinics are one of the most likely to actually see an increase in demand for elective cosmetic surgery. In part, this is because the Indian cosmetic surgery market is still a young one and is predicted to need at least 10 years before it reaches saturation point.

The Indian wedding market is also predicted to be one of the key factors in driving cosmetic surgery – arranged marriages often have a strong emphasis on physical beauty, and having ‘perfect’ features may influence partners’ choices. For women, surgeries such as breast enhancement surgery and liposuction, along with non-invasive procedures such as Botox and laser hair removal are likely to be the most popular forms of surgery; for men, male breast reductions and rhinoplasty (nose jobs) are predicted to be among the most popular.

Like most countries, men are starting to make up a proportion of plastic surgeries, and this trend will likely continue throughout 2009.

Unfortunately, the growth in the Indian cosmetic surgery market is not all good – with the increase in demand for plastic surgery, there is a firm need for plastic surgeons. It is regrettable that the increased demand is fuelling an increase in untrained practitioners performing surgery on unwitting patients.

The top advice for anyone considering cosmetic surgery abroad – whether in India or any other country – is not to choose their surgeon and clinic on price alone, and make sure they have done plenty of research to ensure they get a fully qualified and accredited plastic surgeon.

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