Increase your boob size without cosmetic surgery?

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cosmetic surgeryA new body serum has been flying off the shelves in the UK after claims that it can boost cup size, negating the need for padded bras and cosmetic surgery.

The Bust Fix serum has alread been hailed as the ‘boob job in a tube’ and at it’s peak, was selling around 1,000 tubes a minute.

The bust serum contains mangosteen which is said to promote fatty acid production in breast tissue. This helps to enlarge the fat cells and therefore increase breast size.

Independent trials have so far proved interesting reading – out of 6,000 women who tested the product, around two-thirds said they saw an increase of around half a cup size after 12 weeks of using the Bust Fix serum; Almost a quarter said they went up by three-quarters of a cup size.

Dermatological scientists have said that after using the Bust Fix cream, lipogenesis (the production of fatty acids) was increased by 57 percent in five hours.

At £16.29 a tube, the bust enhancing cream is not cheap however in comparison to cosmetic surgery, it may be worth a try for anyone hoping to increase their boob cup size.


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