Home Tooth Whitening Kits May Harm Tooth Enamel

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Experts have warned that home tooth bleaching kits may cause damage to tooth enamel.

Many people choose home teeth whitening kits over cosmetic dental surgery as the costs can be a lot cheaper. However recent research has shown that people using home tooth bleaching kits may actually lose some of their tooth enamel if the tooth whitening product is used over a long period of time.

Tooth enamel does not regrow when lost so any damage done to the teeth thanks to the whitening kits is permanent. Tooth enamel is important because it helps to keep the teeth hard and strong.

The research focused on the hardness of the tooth enamel using the nanometer scale. Over time it was found that the hardness of tooth enamel was significantly reduced on those who had been using tooth whitening kits over a long period of time.

The researchers are now turning their attentions to teeth whitening strips, tooth whitening gum and other home teeth whitening treatments to discover if they also have the same enamel hardness-reducing properties.


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