Have You Had a Tummy Tuck Nightmare?

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Have you had some sort of cosmetic surgery procedure on your tummy and you’ve been left with bad scaring, burns – or are just not happy with the results and think it was a waste of time?

If this is you, and you are aged between 19 to 35, then a top weekly woman’s glossy would love to hear from you.

The magazine is publishing a guide to cosmetic surgery and believes it should cover the good and the bad, which is why we are keen to hear your story.

You must be willing to be named and pictured and you will be paid a fee if you story is published.

If you are interested in taking part, please email the journalist Monica at the following email address

In your email please include the following:

* Your name, age.
* When you had the procedure.
* What went wrong or why you are not happy.
* How much the procedure cost.
* And importantly, a day time contact phone number.
* Plus a recent photo, and any photos of your tummy – illustrating why you are not happy with the procedure.

Deadline for making contact is: before Friday 26th July.


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