Gary Numan on Cosmetic Surgery

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1980s star Gary Numan has revealed the cosmetic surgery procedures he has had done.

Talking to the Daily Mail he said he had tiny scars left over from a facelift.

“They do a cut down here and it goes right under your ear,” he told them. “Once they’ve cut you they move the muscles back and reattach them.

“It’s amazing. I was getting a bit saggy and jowly – I cam again, come to think of it. I’ll have to have it redone.

“I wouldn’t say I’m vain. I’m just in a job where the way you look is important. Well, at least the facelift wasn’t vanity, but the hair was.”

The hair Numan is talking about is the five hair transplant procedures he has endured. “It stung like a b****** back then, but it’s better now,” Numan explained. “I don’t know what kind Wayne Rooney had but with his money he could have the best hair in the world.”

And it isn’t just Gary who has gone under the knife – Numan’s wife Gemma has also had plastic surgery, most recently a facelift.

“She’s the most amazing woman,” Numan said. “She’s lovely, but she doesn’t believe it. She’s had her lips done and her ears pinned back. She’s had her boobs small and big. She’s just had a facelift, she’s still got her stitches in. It never ends!

“She’s got body dysmorphia so the tiniest lack of symmetry is a massive carbuncle on her face to her. But she is brilliant and everything got better from the moment I met her.”


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