Eyelash thickener gel approved by the FDA

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Latisse as a treatment for enhancing and improving eyelash prominence.

Bimatoprost was initially used to help patients with glaucoma however users of the drug soon found that one of the side-effects was that their eyelashes grew thicker, longer and darker. A more detailed analysis found that eyelashes treated with the gel grew around 2mm in 6 weeks, around twice as long as those using a placebo.

Latisse is produced by Allergan and will only be available on prescription. The gel should be applied once a day to the base of the upper eyelashes using a single-use disposable applicator. Most users should expect to start seeing results within 8 weeks. When Latisse treatment is halted, eyelashes will gradually return to their original state.

Latisse’s active ingredient is bimatoprost, which is a lipid compound dervied from fatty acids designed to bind to prostaglandin receptors. At present, it is not fully understood how the product worked although it is believed the the postaglandin receptors are involved in the development and growth of the hair follicle.


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