Delaney Regrets Botox Injections

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BotoxActress Dana Delaney has said that following problems with Botox injections, she has been put off cosmetic surgery for life.

The Body of Proof star told Prevention that she chose to have Botox injections seven years ago after they were recommended by her dermatologist. However when the Botox was injected, the needle hit a nerve causing a large hematoma (localized swelling filled with blood).

Since the injection, the nerve has been dead. This has caused her long-term complications – the muscle in her right eye is now affected and the eye is beginning to droop.

Delaney’s experience shows that no matter how safe or how long a procedure has been around, there is always the possibility of complications. Prospective plastic surgery patients should always research treatments thoroughly to ensure they are aware of all the side effects, no matter how small, so that they are aware of the possible complications – that could arise.


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