Cosmetic Surgery Trends: The Dimpleplasty

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Cheryl Tweedy is said to be the inspiration behind one of the latest cosmetic surgery trends – the dimple job. Cosmetic surgeons have commented that they have recently seen a rise in the number of women hoping to have plastic surgery to give them dimples, just like the petite singer.

The dimpleplasty surgery will not give entirely natural results however. The dimples themselves will remain permanently rather than only appearing when the patient smiles.

The actual dimpleplasty surgery involves the cosmetic surgeon making a tiny cut in the skin to create a small depression. A stitch is then used to hold the underside of the skin down to a deeper layer and hold it in place, creating the dimple indent. Once this suture dissolves, permanent scar tissue should remain holding the indent in place.

Caution should be advised with this cosmetic surgery as it is relatively new and therefore there are no long-term studies over it’s efficacy or results over time. There is as yet no study showing how the dimple will age and some people are concerned that the dimple may start to look slightly peculiar as the face ages and droops slightly.

Although most of the dimple enquiries have come from women, a small number of men are also looking to have this surgery done to create a chin cleft.



  1. shirlee -lee jenkins

    19th October 2014 at 2:59 PM

    am so interested in dimpleplasty cannot locate a uk surgeon can you help

  2. Cosmetic Surgery

    12th May 2015 at 1:21 PM

    It seems like such a simple thing to change but so many more people are going for it. I’d recommend, as with any cosmetic surgery, advice is sought and researched thoroughly prior to going ahead. – particularly as this procedure is so new.

  3. Greg White

    28th June 2015 at 6:26 AM

    I had my dimple surgery by Dr Gal Aharonov about a year ago. I didnt think it looked very natural for the first month. After that it started looking better and better. I LOVE my dimples now. Dr Aharonov has a bunch of good info on his website… In the U.S. at least he seems to be THE guy to go to for this. his website is

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