Cosmetic Surgery Demand Falls

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With the global economy looking decidedly unhealthy as we head into 2009, it is unsurprising that parts of the Cosmetic Surgery industry are feeling the pinch – with credit more difficult to obtain, and stocks and property prices falling, demand for breast implant surgery has declined.

Many cosmetic surgeons have witnessed a fall in the number of people looking for cosmetic surgery over the past few months, year on year, with breast enlargement surgery looking like the biggest loser.

Talking to the New York Daily News, one Manhattan plastic surgeon commented, “The number of surgeries has gone down, for sure.”

With an upturn looking unlikely until the fall of 2009 at the earliest, surgeries have been contacting old clients, removing paid advertising, adding special offers, expanding their range of offerings, as well as laying off non-essential staff, in the hope of seeing through the financial crisis. However, one unnamed surgeon warned of the dangers of such a trading environment:

“With the Cosmetic Surgery industry starting to show signs of decline associated with the global crisis, I fear we could see overall care fall as surgeries struggle to attract customers, and compete with others.”

Unfortunately, the procedures which have brightened the outlook for so many people who have undergone surgery, have no effect on a depressed global economy – no amount of breast implants, brow lifts and hair transplants will see us out of this recession!


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  1. Ned James

    16th January 2013 at 10:05 PM

    I’m guessing there’s no bailout on the horizon for the plastic surgery industry! For women considering breast augmentation it makes choosing their breast augment size wisely the first time all that much more important. There’s no need to pay for it twice just for deciding on the wrong size.

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