Surgery Addict Injects Face with Cooking Oil

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A Korean cosmetic surgery addict is so addicted to the way that she looks that she has been injecting herself with cooking oil.

According to Weird Asia News, Hang Mioku had her first taste of plastic surgery when she was 28 years old. Since then, she has become obsessed with cosmetic surgeries which have consequently ruined her face.

Having undergone plastic surgery on her face for the first time, Mioku went to Japan to go under the knife for further facial cosmetic surgery work. Thanks to the excessive surgeries, her face became enlarged and deformed and cosmetic surgeons eventually refused to treat her any further, suggesting instead that she seek some form of help for her plastic surgery addiction.

Having been refused surgery by Japanese plastic surgeons, Mioku flew back to her home country of Korea where her face was so deformed that her own family were unable to recognise her. Many surgeons would not perform any further surgery on her, however one local doctor agreed to provide her with silicone which she could inject into her face herself.

Whenever the silcone ran out, Mioku’s addiciton was so strong that she still felt the need to subject her face to more injections. Having no silicone to hand, Mioku would inject cooking oil into her face instead.

Mioku has recently appeared on Korean TV showcasing her cosmetic surgery addiction and the deformities and enlargement they have caused to her face. Kindly Koreans watching the show donated money to her to help her fund further surgery to reduce the size of her face.

Mioku now says that she just wishes that she could have her original face back.


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