Control Pants for Men

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As of next month, British department store Selfridges will be stocking the UK’s first range of control pants for men.

Most women in the UK will have seen control pants before – particularly thanks to the film Bridget Jones. Control pants and other body contouring underwear helps to slim down the figure by compressing problem areas and smoothing the overall silhouette. And now men will be able to buy the same luxury as women.

The new Equmen briefs will retail around £35 – £37. Featuring compression technology, the briefs will aim to help improve posture, give support ‘down under’, and help lift and smooth in all the right places – without help from cosmetic surgery!

Equmen underwear also has a precision-fit pouch which is claimed will help control body temperature and keep moisture levels under control.

This isn’t Equmen’s first foray into the world of control underwear. Earlier this year, the company released their ‘control vests’, commonly dubbed as the ‘girdle for men’. These control vests promised to help slim down the silhouette around the waist line and chest.


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