Concerns over UV Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening procedures are a popular form of cosmetic enhancement, however new research shows that there may be severe side effects associated with some treatments.

For patients looking to get a pearly white smile in just one session, many opt to have ultraviolet bleaching. UV bleaching is thought to help oxidise bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide which in turn helps to remove stains on the teeth. However new research by the Royal Society of Chemistry has suggested that this form of cosmetic dentistry may be harmful to both the eyes and skin as the teeth whitening treatment exposes the whole face to high energy UV rays. The lamps used in this form of tooth whitening deliver four times the level of natural sunlight meaning it is easy to damage the sensitive eye area and the skin on the face.

Patients who are worried are advised to seek other forms of cosmetic dentistry that do not involve using UV beams such as whitening gels and pastes.


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