Chef Gordon Ramsey has facial fillers

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has had dermal fillers to help reduce the deepset wrinkles on his face.

Ramsey has had filler injections on the lines around his face to help plump out the creases on his face, a cosmetic procedure he is reported to have spent around £400 on. Ramsey has said that he decided to have the filler injections after music mogul Simon Cowell suggested he should have it done.

The procedure appears to have had some effect. In earlier photos of the chef, deep lines could be seen on his forehead, chin and between the nose and mouth. Today, the wrinkles are definitely less pronounced.

The dermal fillers are not the first cosmetic procedure that the chef has had. Earlier in the year he admitted to having had Botox injections to improve the look of the skin on his face. However, he said that no-one appeared to notice that he had had Botox injections.


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