Sharon Osbourne has breast implants removed

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Sharon Osbourne, the outspoken judge on America’s Got Talent, has revealed that she has had her breast implants removed.

Osbourne told chat show The Talk that she had to remove them after she discovered that her implants had been leaking. The tell-tale sign was that she woke up one morning and found that her breasts were lop-sided.

Osbourne also said that she had been thinking of having her breast implants removed for quite a while – joking that she was planning to make them into paperweights for her husband Ozzy – so as soon as she noticed there was something wrong with them, she immediately booked herself in to see a plastic surgeon.

The surgeon found that one of the implants was leaking, hence the lop-sided look, and the fluid had been leaking into the wall of Osbourne’s stomach. The implants were removed and Osbourne is now relieved as she didn’t want “to feel like she had a waterbed lying on her chest any more.”


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